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Support our proposal to create
   beginner to intermediate Mountain Biking Challenge Park
on the Miller Road property between the RV Village and the Salmon River bridge. It would seem that the property is ideal for this low impact type of facility and provide a strong complement to the Sandy Ridge Trail System.

The BLM is conducting a recreation survey on the future of recreation in Western Oregon.
The survey is located at:
with an overview at

The Barlow Trail Association is very happy that it got the BLM to pick up and create the Sandy Ridge Trail System (might have been a bit sooner is BLM Rec mgr,  Laura Dowlan, hadn't grabbed the opportunity to transfer to the Steens).

Now we want to get the BLM (i.e. Zack) to pick up and create a mountain biking resource
      for beginners and intermediates
in addition to the intermediate to advanced on the Sandy Ridge.

Having more, attractive, recreation resources like this would enhance the opportunities here.
       => please make comments on the BLM survey.

Susan Corwin
Executive Director
Barlow Trail Association