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Where in Govy is the Barlow Trail???

Let have some fun!
There is a lot of conjecture as to where the wagons were lowered from Govy to the plains of the Zigzag River. There is the ODOT "Chutes" stop off, but the USFS has a note that the "rope burns" were made with "wire rope during the consturction of the Loop Highway in the '30s.

With the new information from LIDAR,
     LIDAR Page
we have a better view than the pioneers had:
     they had to crawl around to find the best way and the penality for error was exterme.

Here is a Google map of the area
     Google Map of Laurel Hill
*****news flash 2017-0124 **** see end for a screen capture of change in Google Maps!!!

Here are 4 screen captures of incresing resolution: you decide!


*** Google picks up the idea of the Barlow Road following a rational path! ****

Note that the line follows the 6' wide swale that the Bridal Path Trail follows,
until it turns 90 degees to go "straight down" the hill!
.... or there abouts!