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Public Open House
Recreation in the Mount Hood-Sandy River Corridor
5-7 p.m., Wednesday, June 8, 2016
City of Sandy Community Center (2nd floor): 38348 Pioneer Blvd, Sandy, Oregon.
Barlow Trail Recommendation:
       Miller Rd area- "Salmon River Mtn Bike Challenge Park
           for the kids and Mom, Grandma, and Grandpa
Mt. Hood Chamber Meeting: 8am Tuesday, June 7, 2016

SPEAKER -  Dan Davis,
Outdoor Recreational Planner, Bureau of Land Management, Salem District
=> What’s Really Happening to Our Area?
  1. Sandy Ridge Trailhead Access Improvements:
    Currently people are having to park on the shoulder of Barlow Trail Rd., which is a safety concern.
  2. Wildwood Recreation Site:
    This site is severally under-utilized currently and they believe that transforming Wildwood into a campground will draw more people to the region, (which would benefit our area and businesses), and they are also looking to provide bus access to this site.
  3. Marmot Recreation Site:
    Marmot Dam was removed in 2008 and the BLM’s responsibility is to transform the site into a recreation area.

County Documents Libary (cached 2016-0410)
"Destinations", Opportunities and Needs", Land Use", and December meeting docs
=> should read these to be up to date on constraints

Key quotes from the Stakeholder Summary:
Many people move to the area to “get away,” and some do not agree with economic development goals for the area that would bring more people.
Both government stakeholders and residents emphasize developing solutions that are appropriate for the level of existing and future pedestrian and bicycle demand, which is much lower than the level of demand in urban areas.
This means facilities may be adequate now or solutions need to be cost-effective and scaled to the area and level of need, such as wide outside shoulders instead of curbs and sidewalks. The project management team can respond to this desire by using lower-cost solutions, such as permeable pavement and the use of swales, or solutions that require low maintenance, such as crushed rock trails.

The open house materials and a survey will also be online ( April 15 - 29. Clackamas County has been working with the community since summer 2015 to: We are coordinating with the Mt. Hood Express to identify pedestrian and bikeway facilities to support access to transit, and with local schools to develop the Safe Routes to Schools Plan. The plans are scheduled to be completed this summer.

Please note: This is a planning project!
Though there is no money available now to construct additional or upgraded facilities, with this plan we will be prepared to respond to future funding opportunities.
For more information: or
Project Manager Lori Mastrantonio at or 503-742-4511.

Barlow Trail Comments:
           Comment page

County documents:

           Stakeholder Summary 12-9-15.pdf
           Villages Design Tools TM4 Draft 12-9-15.pdf
           Villages Existing Conditions TM1 Draft 12-15-15.pdf
           Villages Policy Framework_Alts Eval TM2 Draft TM2 12-9-15.pdf

Public Open House
Walk and Bike Plan for the Villages at Mt. Hood
5:30-7:00 p.m., Wednesday, June 1, 2016
Resort at the Mountain – Lolo Pass Room, 68010 E Fairway Ave., Welches
Public Notice PDF

Public Open House
Walk and Bike Plan for the Villages at Mt. Hood
6-8 p.m., Thursday, April 14, 2016
Resort at the Mountain – Lolo Pass Room, 68010 E Fairway Ave., Welches
PDF ofCounty Announcement

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