Barlow Trail Association
Creating Community Trails
  Tying Together

           the Villages at Mt. Hood

About the Barlow Trail Association

We are 501(c)(3) that is part of the Strategic Plan for the Villages at Mt. Hood.

Our Mission:
Tie together the the Villages at Mt. Hood  , Brightwood to Government Camp and the Mt Hood and regional recreation resources, with family walking, biking, hiking, and equestrian community trails and recreation resources
to improve quality of life and enhance the economic development of the area

Our Goal: Identify, document, enhance, and connect a robust, complete, safe, family friendly trails and tying into and enhancing recreational and regional trails, parks, and recreation resources

Our Plan:

If you enjoy the Mt. Hood Area, come together with your neighbors to work on
     tying together the Villages at Mt. Hood!
Contact us by email, phone, US mail, or catch us around the community!.

The board of Directors includes

with support from many other members of the community.
Come and help connect the Villages and explore the historic Barlow Road



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