Villages at Mt. Hood
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to become a
Supported Activity

I. Activity Title: __Barlow Road: Govy to Springwater/Cazadero Trail________________

II. Community Need/Rationale:

With the strong trail activities of Portland Metro and the Springwater Trail tying down town Portland to the Clackamas County boundary line, it is opportune to provide connectivity from Government Camp to the Spring Water Trail.

This is on Portland Metro's Region plan as Trail #28 but is outside the jurisdiction of Metro.

The Barlow Road is a historic trail that presents opportunities not only for recreation connectivity but also historic information and education.

III. Name of organization: Barlow Trail Association Web site:_www.BarlowTrail.org__
       1. Is the organization: incorporated? XX community group? ______informal group?____
            Leader/coordinator name: Susan Corwin .
       2. Leadership group members names:
                 Tom Anderson, Patti Smith, Don Mench, Barbara Saldivar, and the
                 other members of the Barlow Trail Association

IV. What is needed from Clackamas County (agency, resources, standing)?

Agency: applying for grants
Resources: trails through county lands
Standing: MOUs with Metro, ODOT, BLM, USFS, State Parks, etc,

V. Summarize Activities and accomplishments to date.

1. Gary Larson, USFS Supervisor, presented the proposal to Portland Metro Trail Committee in March of 2005
2. City of Sandy has been contacted and is very interested in participating but must work within their city boundaries.
3. Bridle Trail exists (such as it is) from Govy to Rhody with alternatives on Rd 39 et al

VI. How has the Activity been funded to date?
                     Volunteer efforts

How will being "supported" change that

Becoming a "supported activity" will give visibility and standing with Clackamas County which is the jurisdiction where all the trail work would occur.

The expected phasing is:
    Area I: Springwater Trail paved to Boring, Cazadero Trail to Barton
    Area II: City of Sandy to Cazadero Trail
    Area III: City of Sandy to Barlow Trail County Park
         a. identify existing road and tail paths and document/publicize
         b. identify potential new/better paths for development
    Area IV: BTCP to Zigzag
        a. see if Barlow Trail County Road or parallel paths can be improved for safe egress
    Area V: Zigzag to Govy

Initial efforts will focus on "documenting" a route and longer term efforts at developing an "enjoyable" route.

Map shows a rough idea as to the possible trail corridor.
Note: the "line" is about a mile wide and does not indicate a true path, just a vision

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