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All trips are limited in size
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Approximate elevation gains are only to calibrate the difficulty.
  1. Cool Creek trail
  2. West Zigzag Mountain
  3. East side Mtn Bike - Surveyor's ridge, etc
  4. Others?

Completed trips

  1. West end of #779 - Zigzag Mountain trail
  2. Timberline Trail to Paradise Park
  3. PCT: Barlow Pass to Frog Lake
  4. Still Creek to Zigzag Exploratory
  5. Zigzag Mtn: #789-> Devil's tie
  6. PCT: Timberline to Zigzag Canyon
  7. New Govy trails construction(!)
  8. Ramonia Fall Bridge removal
  9. Barlow Road: East Tollgate to Emigrant Springs
  10. Ramona Falls
  11. PCT: Top Spur to Sandy River
  12. PCT: Timberline to Barlow Pass
  13. Kinzel Lake
  14. Bike: Ranger Station to Sandy
  15. Hunchback Mountain: Ranger Station to Green Canyon Trail Junction
  16. Zigzag Mtn: 1st mile of #789 and #772 (Snow covered trail in early May)





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