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Microchipping: A Lifeline for Your Beloved Companion

The bond between a pet and their human is profound and immeasurable. However, thousands of these connections are severed each year as pets go missing, with many not finding their way back home. Even pets that stay indoors most of the time are not entirely safe from this distressing occurrence. The solution? A form of identification as steadfast as your love for your pet – a microchip.

Microchipping provides a reliable, permanent form of identification that significantly increases the odds of a joyful reunion should your pet go missing. The procedure involves placing a microchip, roughly the size and shape of a grain of rice, just beneath the skin between your pet’s shoulder blades.

The implantation process is safe and quick, causing minimal discomfort to your furry friend. Each microchip carries a unique identification number tied to critical information about your pet – including your name, address, and contact details.

Microchipping isn’t just for young puppies and kittens. Microchipping is an invaluable safety net regardless of your pet’s age or typical environment. Trust Barlow Trail Vet Clinic to offer a safe, effective solution to ensure your pet’s safe return if the unthinkable happens. Call us at (503) 668-4137 to set up an appointment to microchip your pet.

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