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Dr. Jaime Houston

Dr. Jaime Houston

Few veterinarians combine the level of professional expertise and compassionate care that defines Dr. Jaime Houston. A vital pillar of the Barlow Trail Vet Clinic in Oregon, she practices with a unique blend of proficiency and empathy. 

Raised in sunny Arizona, Dr. Houston’s lifelong fascination with the variety and richness of life directed her toward the field of veterinary medicine. Her academic journey led her to Colorado State University, where she graduated in 2004, setting the stage for a diverse and impressive veterinary career. Initially, she carved her niche in large animal medicine, overseeing the care of over 1,500 alpacas!  This experience not only demonstrated her capability and dedication but also underscored her versatility as a vet.

Later, her shift to small and exotic animal medicine further expanded her repertoire, attesting to her adaptability and commitment to providing excellent care for a wide range of animals.

Sharing her life with her 2 kids and husband Shan and a mixture of 4-legged pets, Dr. Houston’s home reflects her deep love and respect for animals. Having brought her talents to the Barlow Trail Vet Clinic, Dr. Houston’s name has become synonymous with first-class veterinary care in Oregon. Despite the persistent rain, Dr. Houston’s sunny disposition shines through, earning her the affection of clients and patients alike.

An embodiment of grit, compassion, and exceptional professional acumen, Dr. Jaime Houston’s story is a testament to the potential that resides within the heart of every devoted practitioner.

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